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  Drill Stem / BHA Component Inspection  

When hiring a rig for the first time it can be difficult to determine the history and how much exposure the rigs drill stem components have been reduced by wear, over-tension/torsion/torque, H2S exposure, etc. Intelligent Drill pipe and BHA packages are also of the most technologically advanced and extremely expensive used to date where drill stem failures can be catastrophic. 

JOSS's experienced and certified inspectors bring more than 30 years of drill stem knowledge covering the basic principles and techniques in inspection ensuring you will have fit for purpose tools.

We can put senior surveyors on site to evaluate and advise a suitable inspection program (in line with DS-1, NS-2 or API RP7G) based on the following criteria:

- An immediate visual inspection gauging the condition of the equipment which includes hard banding and internal coating wear
- On reviewing the age, service records and previous inspection categories applied

In recommending a suitable inspection program our surveyors can oversee complete inspection schedules. This will encompass analyzing the inspection companies personnel and equipment ensuring:

- Qualification, certification and experience
- Correct manuals & procedures are evident
- Required inspection, measuring and test equipment is available, controlled and pre-calibrated as per regulatory requirements
- A controlled inspection environment is in place ensuring risks are minimized

Where repairs are required we will also advise and co-ordinate any repair work to API spec 7 and carry out audits of facilities to ensure maximum quality end product.

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